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Rotat 'n' Feather

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This is a first in the market. A real 2 in 1 scratcher and interactive battery and solar operated toy that will have cats around the world going mad with excitement! First there is the sea grass pole with a texture that cats just love to get their claws into and to help keep their nails in trim as well as relieve them from boredom and possibly scratching things they shouldn't! As if that wasn't enough of a distraction and enticement, the battery and solar operated removable feather teaser on a pole slots inside the middle recess in the top of the sea grass post. Just flick the switch and watch the feather go round and round 360 degrees. Cats just can't resist this moving life like feather action and have to have a go at catching it! When enough fun has been had with the feather, it can be switched off and removed from the post so that your feline can scratch at the post to their heart's desire without the feather driving them to even higher heights of fun and excitement. Size: 30x30x45cm