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Moult 'a' Comb

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MoultaComb is designed for grooming animals that are shedding their coat. The Ergo grip makes using the Moult 'a' Comb an easy and comfortable experience for owner and pet. Grooming with Moult 'a' Comb is essential for a dog's well being and appearance especially when they are moulting fur. Pets with long or curly hair need to be groomed daily to help prevent hair from becoming tangled or matted whilst pets with a shorter-medium coat need less frequent combing however, regular combing helps to reduce dead hair from falling around the house and from lying within the layers of fur and irritating the skin. Moult 'a' Comb helps spread natural oils through the rest of the coat, keeping it in a healthy condition as the pets skin can become itchy and irritated if dead hair is not removed. This multiple-toothed comb has two different lengths of bristle pins to ensure that loose, uncomfortable hair is gathered from both the top coat and undercoat. The longer pins deal with knots and tangles whilst the shorter pins collect the detached, moulted hair.